Watch Our Author Chat with Kiley Reid

Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid, our July General Track read, was a much needed break from the heavier reads this year. Our first Young Adult book lived up to the hype and was even more enjoyable thanks to the phenomenal Nicole Lewis who narrated the audiobook version. She had us all collectively clutching our pearls and grabbing on to our edges wondering what would happen next. As per usual, our community had engaging and hilarious conversations from the white liberal girl boss movement to ordinariness as #BlackGirlMagic. We were fortunate enough to sit with Kiley Reid to discuss the upcoming book to movie adaptation, the character(s) she relates to the most, and how her younger years inspired the book overall.

Watch the replay and remember it is never too late to join the SBG Book Club! Pick up Such a Fun Age and our syllabi to have such a fun read!


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