Watch Our Author Chat with adrienne maree brown

Pleasure Activism by adrienne maree brown, our Fall 2020 Complex Theory read, inspired us to incorporate more pleasure into our lives by adopting it as a political practice. brown builds on the Black feminist tradition by using the work of Audre Lorde and Octavia Butler to challenge us in rethinking activism. Our community read seven selections from the book: Political Resistance (p. 59), Why We Get Off (p. 81), Bodyminds Reimagined (p. 169), Strategic Celibacy (p. 217), Conditions of Possibility (p. 245), Care as Pleasure (p. 313), and On Nonmonogamy (p. 409). During the author chat, brown detailed her the ways in which she incorporates pleasure in her day to day, how community has shifted since the pandemic, and much more.

Watch the replay and remember it is never too late to join the SBG Book Club! Pick up Pleasure Activism and our syllabi to have a meaningful engagement read!


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