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July 2020 Syllabi

Our syllabi work as a reading guide to our monthly readings by providing historiographical components that allow the public to participate in the type of dialogical reading typically confined within the gates of elite institutions.

Use the syllabi to dive in deeper to our readings and to spark discussions within your personal communities. They can be used in the classroom or at brunch. We break the readings down and make them enjoyably insightful.  

Upcoming Author Chat

Join us for our first Complex Theory Author Chat with Dr. Patricia Hill Collins, author of our March-June Read, Black Feminist Thought

Submit your questions for Dr. Patricia Hill Collins here. 

Grab your syllabus for Hood Feminism and login to the Facebook Group for this live discussion. 

July 22nd at 7:30pm EST

All lives are multistreamed to our Facebook Group + YouTube Channel. 

General Track

Complex Theory

Dig deeper & enhance your readings...for
you and your community.
Curate your own reading circles with our syllabi!
Curated by a cohort of graduate level of Black women researchers.

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