All The Shade From the Failed White Mediocrity of Abigail Fisher

Today the Supreme Court of the United States upheld the right to consider race in college admissions decisions. Abigail Fisher the “aggressively mediocre white woman,” who was unable to gain admission to the University of Texas, was the face of the lawsuit bankrolled by Edward Blum, a 1973 University of Texas graduate. Blum owns the non-profit legal defense fund, Project on Fair Representation, that lists its mission as “challenging racial and ethnic classifications and preferences.” Basically they are trying to remove Affirmative Action and repeal or at least gut the Voting Rights Act, because they are so unfair to white people. Ignoring the years of systematic oppression that’s been used against the Black community, because we’ve all had equal footing or the past 200 years, for 3 generations, right? Oh…wait…1964 wasn’t even 100 years ago. We *just* hit the 50th Anniversary of  the Civil Rights Act, which effectively began the ending of Jim Crow, segregation and granted the right to vote to Black Americans, in 2014…two years ago. Hey, Blum has a lot of money to invest with about 12 cases pending in different federal and state courts, four of which have made it to the Supreme Court.

That Abigail Fisher’s case even made it to the Supreme Court is absurd in itself. As noted by ProPublica:

It’s true that the university, for whatever reason, offered provisional admission to some students with lower test scores and grades than Fisher. Five of those students were black or Latino.Forty-two were white.

Neither Fisher nor Blum mentioned those 42 applicants in interviews. Nor did they acknowledge the 168 black and Latino students with grades as good as or better than Fisher’s who were also denied entry into the university that year. Also left unsaid is the fact that Fisher turned down a standard UT offer under which she could have gone to the university her sophomore year if she earned a 3.2 GPA at another Texas university school in her freshman year.



Accurate. Poor Abby as a resident of Texas was so mediocre that she was not accepted to the University of Texas, a state college. Unable to pick herself up by the bootstraps and carry her translucent self somewhere else in hopes of transferring, she invoked the white privilege of twisted conservatives and participated in Waste Our Time 2016….except, she lost. The most unfortunate part is how Unversity of Texas had to finance fighting this absurd case, and where that money could have otherwise gone. Like scholarship money.


If you’re wondering where our resident Uncle Coon Clarence Thomas voted on the case, he dissented because Affirmative Action is a “faddish theory“:

“The Constitution abhors classifications based on race because every time the government places citizens on racial registers and makes race relevant to the provision of burdens or benefits, it demeans us all.” Id., at ___ (slip op., at 2) (internal quotation marks omitted). That constitutional imperative does not change in the face of a “faddish theor[y]” that racial discrimination may produce “educational benefits.”

Retire Clarence.


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