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Step one, select your membership. All are welcomed! The General membership is all you need to gain access to the book club and Facebook Group. Signing up will add you to the email newsletter and be required to validate your entry to the Facebook Group. 

The Insider Membership gives you elevated access to the Book Club and free Syllabi (available for stand alone purchase) to both reading tracks. It also helps to support the operations of the book club!


General Membership

Sign up and join the Facebook Group for the #SmartBrownGirl Book Club

↳ Monthly readings announced via newsletter.
↳ Mid-read discussion via Facebook Group.
↳ Book Club/Author discussion. 

Syllabus available for purchase + download each month. 

Insider Membership

Become an Insider and gain elevated access while helping to support #SmartBrownGirl.

↳ Free Syllabi
↳ Private Facebook Group
↳ Vote on Book Choices
↳ Private Author Chats
↳ 15% Discount to All SBG Book Club events

Only $14.99/month!

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