June Book Club Announcements

Did you ever think that your material reality, the life you lived day-to-day, would become a historical lightning rod of cultural change? It’s mentally disjointing to be living and working through this moment under the weight of everything that is happening. 

When I founded the SBG Book Club, it was with the understanding that political uprisings were on the horizon for the United States, so we curated it knowing that our community would likely take the brunt of the sacrifice that comes with major cultural change. We selected books that focused not only on providing new knowledge, but also on how to extract the knowledge already present in yourself and your community. We curated syllabi and live discussions cognizant of the fact that reading is a privilege, and we wanted to break down the barriers to make it more accessible. 

It is a privilege to have the mental capacity and space to read. To have the access to libraries and outlets to pull your books from. To have an intellectual community to discuss your readings so you can truly ingest the literary knowledge. To have time that you can carve out and dedicate to reading. To even have a physical space where you can sit and read. The SBG Book Club does not take for granted any of those things. 

Thank you for all your support, engagement, purchases, shout outs, emails and feedback. We truly appreciate our community, and hope to be an outlet of love, education and inspiration as we travel through all the wild things 2020 has in store for us. We are committed to uplifting every member of the Black community. 

“Without community, there is no liberation…but community must not mean a shedding of our differences, nor the pathetic pretense that these differences do not exist.”

Audre Lorde

Captions are available on the video.

↳We have a Spotify Reading Music Playlist to help you get thru readings.
↳ June, General Track Read: The Women of Brewster Place by Gloria Naylor
Women of Brewster Place syllabus
↳ May/June Complex Theory Read: Black Feminist Thought https://bit.ly/bft-book
↳ Black Feminist Thought Chp 11 + 12 Syllabus

↳ Join Us for the Author Chat with Mikki Kendall on June 10th @ 7pm EST
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