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The #SmartBrownGirl Book Club is focused on widening the access our community has to knowledge through reading. That means we are not just a book club that announces a month read and leaves you to it! Along with our weekly discussions, we offer a syllabi for every reading. All syllabi is available for purchase or included in your Insider Membership. 


The syllabi is a reading guide that will facilitate understanding amongst varying levels of readers to give the opportunity to anyone with different levels of knowledge has the same equity in accessing the ideas and significance of the book. This is especially important for our Complex Theory readings. 


All syllabi is written and reviewed by a cohort of #SmartBrownGirls who have research degrees across various industries. Your purchase of the syllabi and/or Insider Membership help ensure everyone in the process of making this book club possible are paid for their work ✨


Once your purchase is processed, it will be available for download as a PDF from your account*.

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    While we are sad to see you go, you absolutely can at anytime pause/suspend or cancel your membership right from your accounts page. You will retain any syllabi/products for the previous month’s readings and can rejoin whenever you see fit.

    We have two tracks of reading. There will be one general reading per month. And one complex theory reading every 6-8 weeks depending on the book. You can join either or/both readings with either membership option. General readings are lighter books that can be read within a month. Complex theory readings are books that explore various silos of theory and help to open up philosophical thought. They lean more towards academic readings and we highly suggest to purchase our Syllabi to assist in your reading process. 


    No, we are currently an independent book club founded by Jouelzy (you should check out her YouTube!) and run by a bevy of #SmartBrownGirls.

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      Dig deeper & enhance your readings...for
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      Curate your own reading circles with our syllabi!
      Curated by a cohort of graduate level of Black women researchers.

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